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SMILE® High End Glassware Made in Germany.

For all glassware enthusiasts we would like to point out all features and advantages of SMILE® Glassware.
  • All SMILE® Glassware is hand-made out of high quality borosilicate glass.
  • Wall thicknesses of 2.5 mm - 9.0 mm of the completely unstressed glass make every SMILE® Glassware product a unique smoking device.
  • All used borosilicate glass is 3.3 certified after DIN-ISO 3585.
  • Every SMILE® pipe comes with extreme³ cuts and extreme³ couplings which are 3 times as thick as normal cuts and couplings making them the toughest on the market.
  • The extreme³ cuts and extreme³ couplings are produced in a time consuming, complex process which results in perfectly fitted and precise cuts not comparable to standard off-the-shelf cuts.
  • A really unique feature of SMILE® Glassware is the patented SMILE® Inside Cut. The cut is directly integrated into the pipe, eliminating one of the weakest points of standard pipes.
  • All 5mm SMILE® pipes and custom-made SMILE® pipes are delivered with a mega colored bowl.
  • Every SMILE® Glassware product passes a computer aided quality assurance test before we ship them right to your door step.